Nike React Phantom


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The Nike Phantom React sneaker is a renowned silouhette created by Nike to instant acclaim worldwide. This sneaker is arguably one of Nike's more comfortable sneakers and can be used for a wide ar... Read more

How To Clean Nike React Phantom?

To clean the Nike React Phantom we recommend a simple solution by using our Crep Protect Cure Cleaning Kit, this will allow you to use the cleaning solution provided and the microfibre cloth to gently wipe away any marks your Nike Phantom Reacts may have and make it a breeze! Alternatively, to prevent stains from occuring you can get our Crep Protect Spray which acts as a shield against any liquids and so on from permanently marking your Nike React Phantoms and keeping them clean.

Are Nike React Phantom True To Size?

The Nike React Phantom is a true to size sneaker, however, if you have a wide foot we do recommend going a size up from your original to ensure you get the best feel in your pair of Nike Phantoms. If you have any questions about sizing feel free to contact us, keep in mind, we offer easy size exchanges on all sneakers.

Where To Buy Nike React Phantom In Australia?

The Nike Phantom React is hard to come by, that's where we come in, we recommend shopping through our collection here to see if we have the pair you're after! With an extensive range, competitive prices and Afterpay, why shop anywhere else?

Are Nike Reacts Good For Training?

Nike Reacts are especially built for this and running in mind, the comfort and support provided by the Nike React Phantom is phenomenal technology developed by Nike and couldn't be recommended by us more.