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There's no way you haven't heard of the Nike Air Jordan.

They've now climbed to legendary status among sneakers, and they've been one of the most popular sneakers in the world for years.

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Uncover the Legacy of Nike Jordans at The Vault

Step into the rich history of basketball and streetwear fashion with our diverse range of Nike Jordans. At The Vault, we pride ourselves on being the top online destination for Jordan Shoes Australia has to offer. From Mens Jordans that exude rugged charm to Womens Air Jordans that balance comfort and femininity, we cater to all sneaker enthusiasts in the land Down Under.

Embrace the Timeless Appeal of Air Jordans

Air Jordans are more than just sneakers. They're a symbol of heritage, artistry, and athleticism. Crafted with superior design aesthetics and functionality, the Air Jordan brand has etched its name in sneaker history. Explore our wide selection of Nike Jordans, each one telling a unique story of basketball culture and fashion trends.

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From dominating the hardwood to ruling the streets, Mens Jordans are the epitome of style and performance. The Vault offers an extensive range of Mens Air Jordans, each one designed to complement your personal style and up your shoe game. Whether you're a fan of the timeless Air Jordan 1 or the futuristic Air Jordan 33, we've got you covered.

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The Air Jordan line doesn't just cater to men. It celebrates female athletes and sneakerheads with Womens Air Jordans. Balancing performance technology with a fashion-forward design, these kicks are a must-have for the modern woman. Discover the best of Air Jordan Womens Australia has to offer, right here at The Vault.

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The Vault is Australia's leading online sneaker store, offering an extensive selection of Nike Jordans, including rare and exclusive releases. We're passionate about making coveted Jordans Shoes accessible to sneakerheads across Australia. With seamless online shopping and speedy delivery, you'll be strutting your new Jordans in no time.

Nike Jordans: A Sneaker Revolution

Nike Air Jordans have been at the forefront of sneaker culture since their introduction in 1984. Thanks to their unique design, high-quality materials, and association with basketball legend Michael Jordan, they've become a must-have in every sneakerhead's collection. Browse through our collection of Nike Jordans and join the revolution.


How Can I Style My Nike Jordans?

Whether you"re sporting Mens Air Jordans or Womens Air Jordans, these kicks can be styled with a variety of outfits. Pair them with jeans and a graphic tee for a casual look, or team them with tailored pants for a smart streetwear ensemble.

Where Can I Buy Air Jordans in Australia?

At The Vault, we offer an extensive collection of Nike Jordans for men and women. With fast shipping across Australia, we make it easy for you to own a pair of these iconic sneakers.

How Can I Ensure the Authenticity of My Nike Jordans?

Rest assured that The Vault only sells 100% authentic Nike Jordans. We are committed to offering our customers genuine products, ensuring you receive the quality you expect from the Air Jordan brand.

Are Air Jordans Comfortable for Everyday Wear?

Absolutely! While Nike Air Jordans were initially designed for the basketball court, they are renowned for their comfort, making them suitable for everyday wear. Their cushioning system provides excellent support, and their top-tier craftsmanship ensures long-lasting use.

Embrace the legacy of Nike Jordans and become part of the iconic sneaker"s history. Explore our collection today and find the perfect pair that captures your unique style. At The Vault, your dream pair of Jordans is just a click away.

Are The Air Jordan Shoes Worth It?

There’s nothing hotter in the world of sneakerheads right now, in Australia and all around the world.

Whether you want cutting-edge visuals, comfort you can walk in all day, or simply the performance that carried Michael Jordan to his legendary status among sports stars, you’ve got to get yourself your own Nike Jordan shoes.

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When Was The Nike Air Jordan First Released?

It all began when Michael Jordan, the American basketball icon, teamed up with footwear brand Nike in 1984.

They thought their sneaker line would be popular, with projected earnings of $3 million USD over the first four years.

Nothing could have prepared them for the response from the sneaker world.

When the Air Jordan I made its debut, Nike made well over $120 million USD in just the first year alone.

Why Did The NBA Ban The First Air Jordans Shoes?

The first time that Michael Jordan wore the Air Jordan on a basketball court was on the 18th of October, 1984.

Back then, it was just a prototype, but it wasn"t long until the red and black Air Jordan I debuted in full.

At the time, this colourway went against the rules of the American National Basketball Association (NBA).

The shoes were banned, and Jordan was actually fined $5,000 USD each time he wore them.

That did nothing to slow down the rise and rise of Air Jordan in popular culture.

Nike capitalised on the NBA ban and developed a brand campaign centred around it, and they've never looked back since.

Today, if you want to honour the sporting legend of Michael Jordan, there's no better way to do it than to shop for a pair of Air Jordan sneakers to add to your collection.

Which Air Jordan Sneakers Have The "Jumpman" Logo?

If you"re after footwear with the Jumpman logo, you'll have to look for an Air Jordan III or a later shoe.

The Air Jordan III styles, which came out in 1988, were the first of the sneaker line to have the Jumpman blazoned on them.

The logo shows Michael Jordan leaping in the air, about to dunk. Today, it's one of the most recognisable trademarks in sneakers for both women and men in Australia.