About us

Who are we?

The Vault adventure began in 2019, when 3 friends shared a vision and an obsession, limited edition sneakers. They quickly realised that they was a lot of interest and hype around limited edition products in Australia and decided to offer the community a platform where it could be possible to get your hands on some. Spending time looking for rare products, identifying & authenticating them to then sell them has become an everyday basis. That is how The Vault has been created, simply combining passion with work.

Mission statement

We simply want everyone to have easily access at some limited products such as sneakers, apparel or even collectable. A platform gathering all these products allowing everyone to buy them with confidence. Each of them are carefully inspected by our team and are only sold if they meet every requirements.

The products offered by The Vault are, for the most part, instantly out of stock when they are released in shops and on traditional websites. They are then sold new on a secondary market at much higher prices because demand exceeds the offer. 


Customer service

This our main priority as we would exist without you guys. Therefore you are able to reach us via many different channels. You can contact us via email, you can call our team on the phone too, message us on one of our social media platform. We are doing our best to always answer as quick as possible any kind of questions.
Email: sales@the-vault-au.com
Phone: 0423 687 206
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Thank you for your support